You are my everlasting love

Did you miss me these days?

I really really miss you,and I can never forgot how I love you those days…
Your smile,your cuteness, your pinky, your everything,all around me all the time…
Sorry that I’m a wick brother on this things…

Maybe I looked like a strong man and be able to against every struggle in my life. on the world
But I felt painful beyond description every time.every moment when I thought you.

I don’t want to find someone suitable with me for my whole life,
but want to spent whole my left life to bring you happiness and love.

Can you give me a one more chance?

I’ll change… won’t begging your sex unless you are willing positively,
I’ll support you no matter how unless you need my suggestion,
I’ll holding my pure before you willing to marry me and real marry me
(I’ve never Ejaculate to other woman,
cause I really want to make love with you but you won’t,
but when I do the dirty thing I was never do that again.)

I’m regret and don’t know how to fixed it, but I don’t even want to deceive you more.
So I don’t regret that I talked you that thing.
You don’t need to reply me now.

But you need to know that, whenever you need me,
I’ll put down all the thing to appear foront you and guard you in two hours.

And don’t have pressure to think whether you hold up my life.
Cuz I though founding a greatness company and built a better world would be my eternal purpose.
But I found that I'm wrong, only when I gave you a happy. gave you a smile,
my world is live and bringing to turn, otherwise, everything seems like dead in my life.


That would be the happiness day for the rest of my life.
And hope that happens day by day.