As I look forward to landing my first job as a developer, I’ve noticed one critical skill keeps popping up in interviews: “TDD” or Test-Driven Development. At Flatiron we worked through seemingly infinite labs designed around getting tests to pass to self-evaluate our knowledge of a concept but I never…

Here’s a quick post to understand the ways a binary tree can be traversed. In a binary tree, each node can have at most two children.

Pre-order Traversal

Log the root first then move (traverse) left. Finally traverse right.

In-order Traversal

Move left first until the node you hit has no children. Log that…

Chatbots are conversational AIs that converse in human terms. They may express a bit of personality based on how they were programmed (Alexa is often described as “sassy”) but they are not so sophisticated that they would pass the Turing test.

“Ok, Google: Show me articles on self-awareness.”

Bots have been making a splash in the headlines…

I decided to write a series of blog posts on computer science topics to prepare myself for technical interviews and strengthen my foundation of basic programmatic concepts. This series will begin with the humble linked list.

Access time for a linked list is linear (O(n)) and finding a single node…

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