Bad Book Writing: A Blog

I’ve decided to write a blog about my book writing experience. I warn you, this will be bad, but sometimes it’s just about getting it done.

So, this is it. I have a book idea, and I’ve decided to make it a reality. However, there are a few things I would like to address before I begin.

  1. I’ve Never Written A Book Before

Like anyone reading this or anyone who has ever had an idea, the dream of turn your words into paperback and having it flipped through at a bookstore has always been my dream — I’ve just never gotten around to you know, actually completing any of those ideas.
What makes this one different? Well, it’s not. It’s another idea I have that may or may not be completed. However, I will try my absolute best to get it done, after all; it’s only going to be less than 100 pages.

2. I’m Not Going To Talk About My Book Idea
Well, not in the traditional sense anyway. I am going to talk how I arrived at the idea, outlined the book, and the decisions that went into the intricacies of the idea — but never the idea directly.
Why? See 1. second paragraph.

3. I Fully Intend On This Being Not Only A Bad Idea But A Bad Process.
I’ve always been a hands on learner. Telling me that hammering a nail into a piece of wood is simple is one thing. Handing me the hammer and letting me feel the weight of the head and the flimsiness of the nail on the board is something completely different.
With that said, I’ve read some books, watched a few videos and talked to a lot of people along the way. But the only way that I am going to get this done, is by doing it my way and learning from that.

4. I’m Not Flying Blind
Full disclosure, my roommate works in publishing. My sister’s best friend has published multiple titles under a major publisher. My former co-worker worked at a publisher as an editor. All three of these people have agreed at some point to help me if ever I was going to attempt to get published.

That’s not to say I will be leaning on them throughout the process. I’ve decided to write the material and package it. From there I may ask for their insight.

5. I’m Going To Attempt To Have This Completed In A Month
I told you this was going to be bad. :)