My Personal Strategy for Learning a Technology as Beginners

As a beginner, we should find out how to learning something new, a specially in technology relating like tools, framework or language. From my experience, we usually struggling to figure out ways to self learn. So here I want to share some tips maybe we can use in future.

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1. Find your “why”

This is very important things, we must know why we want to master something. Are it is just for fun, professional reason or mandatory like college task or something. If we got strong reason, maybe at the middle of our learning way we meet some difficulties (error or something) we have a reason to keep learning on it. So it make us not give up easily.

2. Get a mentor or friend

We need someone to discuss if we meet a problem, its way too hard to figure out a solution as beginner if we learn something new and have no clue about everything. So we need a mentor, not only professional person but also your friend who have in touch with our learning materials. Also we need a friend who had a same purpose, to struggling together XD. I mean to explore new things together, and keeping each other learning motivation when someone got down.

3. Had an outline

Before learning something, we need to get strategy how to learn it so we need some outline or curriculum which we try to discover ourself. Don’t rushed out the way and make it messy. If we didn’t attend a course to learn, I personally suggest to seeing some course curriculum (like udemy, udacity or something), so we got a proper way to learn. And we can search material every one of the steps in our outline in books, blog or youtube and start studying.

4. Follow specific blog or news in things you learn

We need to follow official blog, to make sure that we know a latest news about it. Especially maybe there are some new concept and make sure what our source to learn is not obsolete. We know that technology stuff is moving very fast. So keep update to official news, and don’t forgot to follow some engineering blog that related to our things we want to learn, there are plenty good source on medium and usually they share a best practice how to do something.

5. Don’t afraid to join local community

Nowadays, I think every technology related stuff had their own community. Even if we still got started, just go join to know what other’s discuss, maybe about problem or a new stuff. Try to always search about things that we don’t know. And community is a place when you can ask about your problem, of course don’t ask a basic things that already available on google search. Ask when you didn’t find any answer after searching on google and stackoverflow. And also we need a proper way to ask, which we can find it on google (like not taking photos of source code or something, show the error, give a link to full source code and etc) .

Thats a strategy which I used until now to learn something new. I know every people had a different strategy and methodology to learn, so find out your way to learn and keep long life learner spirit!.