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Dec 9, 2019 · 2 min read

Functioning of a top load washing machine

In 1851, the first automatic washing machine was invented. With the growing years, the styles, designs, and functions improved and doing laundry of clothes just got from simple to simpler. Today, machines are found in different styles, colors, and sizes. While the trend of other machines is becoming popular, the top load washing machine has been at its top game in the market.

How does the top load washing machine function?

The size, price, features, and design might vary from brand to brand and manufacturer to manufacturer. But the basic two types of top loader are:

  • Standard top loader: It comes with an agitator placed in the center with a paddle that helps in moving clothes through water from top to bottom in the washing tub. The top to bottom movement forces the detergent and water through the fabric.
  • High- efficiency top loader: They are a bit similar to the functioning of the front load washer; their water drum rotates in a horizontal axis. The water they use is half the amount that is used by a standard washer. They have a pair of bearings that are balanced which reduces the wear and tear on mechanical operations.
Top Loading washing machine
Top Loading washing machine

For both the above-mentioned top-loaders the two main components are the mechanical system and the control system. The mechanical system consists of a suspension system, water valve, belt, transmission, motor, inner and outer washtubs, clutch, motor coupling pumps, and agitator. The control system consists of a lid/locking switch, load size selector, the water temperature selector, timer, and control boards.

For both types of the top loading washing machine, the user just needs to select the water temperature, load size and type of washing cycle then, the tub gets filled with water. In the case of a standard washer, the water covers all the clothes and then floats them in the basket. The highly efficient washer uses less water and does not completely cover clothes. During the washing cycle, the Clothes are drawn into the water with an agitator.

With the intelligent and design of the top loader, washers allow dispensers of fabric softener, bleach, and detergents through gravitational force. Other than this, the vertical design also makes it simples to move the water in and out. This lacks in the front-load machine. Now, you might understand why top-loaders are always up in their game in the market. For the better functioning of your top loader maintaining, it is very necessary.

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