We all are, indeed, special snowflakes.
Nyxian Hollow

Actually…. No.

See, I understand your warning, and I’ve heard it before. However, I think it’s optimistic on it’s entry, and pessimistic on it’s exit. Here’s what I mean by that:

You seem to be suggesting that the default posture of white America is “listening”. That is, before all this media and “hate”, things were generally good interracially. That’s just not true. Things were hidden, stewing, but they certainly were not good.

White people in general did not and do not “make way for people of color”, nor do they in general “lift them up”. In general, they switched over a period of decades from grinding people of color into a fine powder as best they could - as often as they could - to doing nothing, having built systems that would do so automatically, if not quite as efficiently. Generously, they in general do nothing, which you might remember is all that the triumph of evil requires - And as far as racial justice in America goes, “evil” is the default state.

Now addressing the topic of pessimism… Eh, no, not that much is being lost.

See, if there’s a white person out there that can see what has been put on show regarding injustice, see the multi-racial anger that it inspires, and think “I’m not sure why they’re rioting, but I’m not interested in finding out. After all, their general remarks hurt my feelings”… They just were not going to be of any help. I wish I could say that with more nuance, but honestly in my experience the people who take that line don’t do much more than telling their skeptical black friends that they “are a staunch support of civil rights” or some such anyway.

So none of this is, I think, is going to close ears that were once open because they weren’t open. They were just closed, and attached to a liberal.

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