Assessment 2B Model Scale

This is a model of One central park. the strategies that I used in this model is slabs and columns and spatial loops, which is from OMA, Jussieu Libraries Wood Model (1992).

OMA is an international practice operating within the traditional boundaries of architecture and urbanism (OMA 2017). The special technique of Jussieu Libraries is the floors of the building, instead of stacking one floor on the of each other, all the floors from all levels are manipulated to connect with those above and below.

the model is a combination between modern and urbanization. It is suitable to build in the city because it is a big building and the shape of it can connect with another building in the city.

the material that I used to make this model is foam board and wood stick. I used foam board for all the floor and wall. the wood stick I used it for the columns. I didn’t use any glue to stick the material together, I used the wood stick and needle to stick all the floors and walls together.

I have cut some part of the floor to make all the level connect to each other, otherwise, it connects but all the levels are not joint.

overall this technique is quite different from the normal technique but it is the another way to design the building that has all the floors connect with each other to be easy and free to go to any level.

Reference list:

OMA 2017, Jussieu-Two Libraries, New york, viewed 17 March 2017, <>

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