Assignment 1B Film

My film:

Russian Ark

Russia Ark is the film from 2002, which directed by Alexandr Sokurov. The film is about the Russian history and exploring the museum of Russia. The technique of this film is very fantastic, they shot all 95 minutes of this film in a single take by using digital video. In this film they shot it slowly and see lots of people, which can explain all the feeling of Russian culture. In my film I also used the same technique as him, I shot that film in one take by slowly walked through the tunnel of central station in the rush hours, which we can see lots of people are rushing go to their jobs. My film has shown the cultural of inner Sydney, which explain that Sydney is the place of many people from different countries living together or we can say Sydney is a multicultural city. My film has shot in the central station, which is the old design of architecture, opened in 1906 and they still keep an old cultural design. You can see the picture of central station history along the way of the tunnel. In summary I like the way that Sydney still keep their old architectural design, I think it is classic and it has story.


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