Assignment 1 Photo

Luigi Ghirri’s photo
My photo

This photo has taken by Luigi Ghirri. He is pioneering Italian colour photography in the process. He likes to take photo of beach, his urban culture, an architectural of his hometown. This photo that I choose is a photo of roadside billboard and cars on the road, this photo has taken in the sunny day in the afternoon, which made the colour of the photo looks bright but because of the old film of his camera made the photo looks cool colour. In the photo, the thing that we can see immediately is a tomato, which is on the billboard. His strategy of this photo is to focused on that tomato and took it in the sunny day, because that tomato made the photo feels fresh and made a hot sunny day looks cooler. In my photo, I also follow his strategy, which I find a roadside billboard with a watermelon and I took it in the very hot sunny day. In my opinion I think sometimes Sydney is very hot and a fruit, which comes first into my mind in that sunny day is a watermelon. By that watermelon in my photo, it made the photo has story and makes you feel fresh even in the very hot day.


Artuner 2017, Luigi Ghirri, London, viewed 04 April 2017, <>

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