Bach flower remedies: fight your worries with peace

Is the rat race you are a part of leading you to conquer the highest peak of your career or business? Is it coming at a cost of who you have become vs what you were ? Is that emotional strain & mental stress taking a toll on your physical, mental or emotional state?

Stress signs are not constant initially, they come and go. Do you sometimes or oftentimes feel anxious, depressed, lost, zoomed out, cannot sleep, mind in a non stop mental arguement, feel stuck, are popping pills or just irritated and angry and thats not you at all!

The health check up shows that there is nothing physically wrong with you. Now what ? One of the many solutions available is the Bach Remedies, to get you back on a emotionally & mentally balanced track .

What are Bach Remedies?

These remedies were created by Dr Edward Bach, a renowned Doctor from London. These remedies that are mapped to human emotional states, are extremely subtle, gentle and have no side effects. They assist with inability to take decisions, to removing past trauma to helping with increasing will power or treating depression.The overflowing emotions inside us can be controlled through the Bach flower therapy.

Who can use it?

All age groups can use them, excellent for young children who lack confidence or or suffer from unknown fears. Wonderful for teenagers who struggle with peer & parent challenges. Highly recommended for senior citizens who are unusually attached to their health issues, are irritable and don’t know what to do with themselves. Bach remedies can help mitigate feelings of doom, despair, loneliness, known fears, unknown fears, fear of failure, anxiety, confused, lack of direction or simple lack of confidence. If a person is struggling with such emotions, s/he should try this Bach flower therapy.

Where do I find a U.K. Bach Centre Certified Bach Flower Practitioner ?

Now available in India, please visit Aekum, diagnosis & healing centre for consultation.

Confidentiality is a part of Aekum’s commitment for all our clients.

Aekum, diagnosis & healing centre: Office Number 126, Vipul Business Park, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, 122001 or 
visit to explore about the Bach remedies.

“The remedies to be described are beneficent in action, and cause no aggravation nor reaction for their effect is to uplift”

- Dr Edward Bach, 1930

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