3 types of women that you don’t want to be with

This article is a two way , this one is discussing a certain toxic women types and another one coming discussing the same way about certain men types.

So the first type of women you have to stay away off, the most dangerous ones are in my experience anyway, are the ones with Daddy issues, that they didn’t grow up with a strong role model of a father, these women who have daddy issues are a nightmare to start with, the missing man role model doesn’t mean that he wasn’t there but he might have been a piece of furniture in the house where the wife was running things around and the father not engaging his daughter in activities or spending time with them and basically demonstrating to his girls how to be strong, independent and emotionally stable. Being an entrepreneur or someone who seeks his own way, you will need a woman that respects these qualities in a man, and for a girl who grow up in a house that didn’t have a strong male role model not just a father, perhaps an uncle, as long as this person didn’t exist to show her how a man should be and what is a responsible man would be like. What might be more interesting is that the first thing to ask any girl that might be interesting is to know is about what kind of relationship she had with her parents especially her father, and if it was a bad relationship or it was absent that it should be alarming these red flags are alarming. The point is that they will be seeking to reconcile these issues from growing up in such house on with the man on in their life today. The other thing that they don’t tend to respect is the value that you bring and what kind of accomplishments you had. If they weren’t raised in a house with such male model, they won’t value what a man can do; however don’t confuse a father or a male model that was doing everything for her with someone who wasn’t there at the first place. Both situations will result in that she will be expecting her male partner will do everything for her because that is the experience that she was raised to see.

The next kind of women that you should avoid is the one who wants to be saved, rescued or supported, and this type is a confusing one. We live in a world with a prevailing feminism perspective, where women want to stand on their two feet, or at least give the impression that they do, yet they go around in life picking and choosing what they should or shouldn’t do, like having the rights, voting and applying or getting what they want, but when it comes to securing something for themselves, they forget the feminism side and act like women who want to get served. These women ask for simple things and then things grow much bigger over time, it is basically like throwing money at them to keep supporting them or secure their lives. I didn’t understand this concept or type of women tilluntil recently years when I met a friend at an event where he was talking a lot about his second wife and how their relation is working out when he wasn’t looking for a girl or woman of that type of “looking to be saved woman”. This type of women if they got to this stage where they can’t stand on their fully two feet and are always longing for someone to rescue them, they would be a pure liability and a growing burden by time. If women are seeking feminism rights then they should be able to stand on their two feet, they should be able to take care of themselves, and to secure their own lives instead of looking for the man to support. The signs for this type of women are that they are talking about their old relationships, they start asking for gifts, on the other hand they don’t even offer invites for outing every now and then, or even have the initiative to offer something in return; that would definitely be the selfish acts that would give them away.

Lastly, the type of women who had unfinished past relationships or divorces and they fight or demand their exes for money or custody over the divorce. They abuse their official & ethical rights to keep open relations un settled and always in dispute. We all live in a world with divorce and separation and life moves on smoothly as long as all parties gets their full rights in a civilized consent, there is absolutely no reason there should be a conflict over a relationship that ended between two matured persons, so a single separated woman or a mother who is still discussing old situations and didn’t reconcile issues from past relationships yet, they will always act the same again if you start or enter a relationship with them.

So advisably, don’t get involved with any of these types of women, as they are mainly infused with feminism ideas and they only lay waste to modern civilization by confusing their needs; thus ending lots of relationships and families, it is becoming more important than ever for the awakened men to filter out these women from their lives.