How to Be Consistent

This is a very important question, most of us struggle at being consistent in some parts of our lives and it is very important to work on it as the rewards of being consistent are huge. Being consistent can help us achieving long-term greatness in almost everything: our bodies, our business, our art, our relationships and emotional health or spirituality. The problem always that many people live with a short-term view of their world, and they rarely see past the moment. People just can’t quite comprehend how the tiny actions they do today and the consistency of these acts over time will impact them years down the track. Or maybe they do understand, but unfortunately just don’t have the necessary willpower to hold themselves back.

From numerous experiences that I encountered with people, most of the highly consistent people always have things that remind them of where they started and where they are heading and the most important steps that they take.

Always remember the word Why. In order for us to stay connected to our goals over time, we need to have a clear objective goal or mission including why we want to do it; for example saving for something important like a house or a trip, with the commitment on the why we are doing this, and keep reminding ourselves on the true reasons on why we started on the first place to keep moving forward and saving money.

Second, we always need to Keep Focused by picking up one thing at a time so as you don’t drop anything. Most people due to their limited capacity to involve ourselves in various topics or situations they drop things to do or continue doing a consistent act every day. We don’t have to test our willpower by engaging in several topics at once which can easily lead that we lose focus and thus the determination along with consistency, so always start with one thing till you make it an habit and then move forward to another thing and so on.

Third, always Schedule your Priorities, when we are trying to make something consistent in our life, we have to understand at first that we have to imagine it and then we can make our lives rotate around it rather than making it fit in. The schedule should be sacred, nonnegotiable and always focused on the timing and how to utilize it more often.

Fourth, the most important aspect of being consistent is to Ignore Negative Feelings that make you feel down or hold you back telling you that you won’t be able to achieve consistency. Whenever you feel like you don’t have the mindset or energy or even the attitude, always ignore that feeling and keep moving forward, anytime we try to be consistent at something like working out or engaging in a hobby, it is almost every time we hear that voice that we don’t feel like doing it. Almost every time we just think of such activity, but we need to train ourselves to override that negative feelings because once you know the power of consistency you won’t sacrifice it with anything in return.

Lastly, every now and then keep reminding yourself that it isn’t all or nothing attitude, if we miss one day at working out or miss a day at work, that doesn’t mean we are a total failure, we all have passed through those moments and that always remind us of success doesn’t come from what we do occasionally, but rather what we do consistently.

These steps work most of the time depending on the right mindset and attitude and also the goal that you are trying to be consistent to. First knowing the goal as well as planning it makes you closer to consistency. Life is too precious to waste away that way and our future rests purely in our hands. Each one of us alone can decide within each moment what he will focus on. We alone can choose an alternate course of action and we alone can make up our mind to start making positive changes today. And it all begins with something small and positive, something you commit yourself to keep doing each and every single day without failing for weeks, months and years.

Keeping a consistent mindset of course won’t reflect much of a difference today, and sometime we won’t see a difference tomorrow, next week or even next month. But over the course of many years our consistency-in-action will build the foundations of a far richer, happier and more fulfilling life.