How to make better choices and results with your life?

One of the most situations that we always have to reconcile after they had happened are the ones where we were the ones who chose to be in that situation at first place, meaning that results are always a defined path after the choices are made. In this article, I am going to share few details about how to make better choices in your life based on my experience and beliefs, and this is the simplest biggest thing that you can do for yourself to get better results from your own life and to filter out bad and negative people who can draw you down.

The results that we get to out of our life are the things that we can see on the top, same as the water iceberg; we only see the tip of it while there over 90% of its mass under the water. Below is a graphical representation of the iceberg, showing the Results of our life (what we did), our Choices (How + what) & our Belief System (Why + How).

Our results comes from daily choices and our daily choices come from our belief system. Let me use a clear example to explain myself better; for instance, we all eat food, so when we go to the grocery store, we have the choice to choose what to get as our food and what products we get. We buy our stuff and go back home; I always do this exercise with other people on what they get from the store versus the results that they get out of life. I can choose to get a bottle of water or a coca cola, I can choose to buy fruits versus processed food like chips, we can get fresh meat that will need cooking from scratch versus buying a precooked ready to microwave meal within minutes, it all wraps up to our choices. So we all have the choice to buy what we want to feed our families with, there is always a correlation between what people buy from the grocery store and how they look like, let that sink in for a second and think about it.

Consequently when you choose a soda over water, you don’t get the results that you want and this works with everything in life, it works with relationships, if you are in a bad one, this can work with employment opportunities, this can work if you are an entrepreneur and the results you are getting with your business, this can work with the results that you get out of parenting. If you have bad mannered kids, it is because you are making bad mannered choices as a parent, we all have access to the opportunity to use our brain in any way that we want. We only have to update our belief system, to make better choices and thus get better results, so you can work it backwards from the top of the iceberg to the bottom, and to change your results you have to change your choices and to change your choices, you have to change your belief system. We can judge someone by how they look based on our belief system, if a person is unhealthy, broke and a bad parent, it is because they have a really bad belief system, sometimes I get from people around me a feedback that I am unkind and that I need to be kinder and more accepting, for me it is called self-preservation, it isn’t being selfish it is preserving yourself with other people that help you do things that matter to your belief system and thus makes a better choices.

Based on that, we all know that we are staying on earth for a certain period of time, we all know that everyone dies, so why not live the best life we can while we are on this earth, since most of people don’t want to take ownership, they are always one step away from updating their belief system and then making better choices, no one is forcing anyone to buy processed food or unhealthy products, the person himself is making that choice by himself. For that to change, he needs to take ownership for himself and make a better choice and eat a better food, you can use the same method as well for filtering out negative people so you don’t spend time around energy drowning people, they are people who don’t recharge or push you forward but rather they exhaust you and drop you down, for me they are called negative energy vampires.

All of our day, the choices that we make, the TV or YouTube that we watch, the food we eat, what we do with our free time or for extracurricular activities, the people or friends that we spend time with, the people that we choose to be in a relationship with, those are all choices that we make based on our belief system, so if we have bad results it is because of our own belief system.

Therefore, how we can update our belief system, well it takes a conscious effort and you can reverse engineer it by making better choices. I developed my own filter system, where I ask myself this question, will this choice or decision make me a better person and can it lead me to a better version of myself. It is as simple as that, just like when you make a choice to drink whether it is water or soda, you have the opportunity to choose water, so that simple flow chart system can lead to a better version of yourself where you judge your choices and take ownership of your results.