Remember who you are.

I have met so many different types of people, from many many different places, all with very different personalities, characters, hopes, fears, dreams and faiths.

Honestly, I’m not shocked, The wide array of topics and concerns that I have been addressed with over the last decade had opened the doors to invite in friends, but to the brotherly love which flows in abundance here.

Having met thousands of my friends and customers over the years I have no doubt that we ARE family.

A family of Kings, Queens… and most importantly, a family of Servants.

But every once in a while I meet someone (or two) who instantly strikes me as more familiar than most, There are some people who we resonate with just a little bit more than with others. Be that we may have the similar interests, are from similar backgrounds, or are kin from a previous lifetime… we just seem to click.

“What are you?” — is often asked by those curious, and courageous enough to ask.

A question like that… with no direct answer can leave us feeling frustrated, confused and even doubtful of ourselves, this is because of the culture shock we receive as Egyptians.

In arrogance I would often snap back with… “I’m Egyptian”, or “I’m Human”, or “I’m a King.” ;)

But there is a more accurate way to describe WHO we really are, This means EVERYONE!

We are all one human family, beautiful in our diversity.

We are Kings & Queens.