Super Heroes are science fiction or science fact?

What if the science fiction that we see in the superhero movies is actually becoming a science fact, what if the language that we use should change from being complimenting to being motivating, like saying to a boy you are smart instead of you are cute. I am always proud of being an engineer, where I learnt how to always reverse engineer any fact or fiction and thus with time, I started realizing that super heroes can exist with science and knowledge.

One of the things that makes a superhero who he is that he always believe in his own dream. He always look up the surrounding searching for the believers in this dream, one of my favorite superheroes is Batman. For me, Batman is the best super hero of all times, he makes his own gadgets, he doesn’t have any super powers or extraordinary talents. He is just a normal person with enough will and power to believe in his own dreams and of course the wealth that would support that. Therefore, it is always crucial to believe in your dreams and how they can be achieved and find the people who share the same believes.

Secondly, if you believe in something, always stick to it, as life is hard and there will come days that we all want to quit because we can’t see how we can make it through but rather stick to it. Just like Spiderman and how he can stick to the walls;

recently, scientist created a material in a company named GeckSkin that consists of both soft and hard materials, which can help to stick on any surface. They created the material that can dry stick to any surface with enough support to hold much higher weights than normal sticky compounds while also keeping its size to almost a palm size.

So Spiderman abilities are not since fiction, it can be a fact by science; however, it isn’t the way he uses his powers, it is how he sticks to his principals and responsibilities even after suffering any loss.

Another aspect of superheroes is to always be protected or kept safe from any danger while going out and taking risks. Just like captain America with his shield, one of the biggest successes in life comes from the biggest risks we take. We don’t just blindly jump off a cliff rather, if I am going to take a big risk, I am going to make sure I am protected along the way, “Captain America” has the right idea.

He has an amazing shield from a fictional material named “Vibranium”, this material absorbs energy on impact and thus it is indestructible, so obviously we need to build a shield to take risks. Recently science discovered a new set of materials way better than metal alloys, for instance, Carbon Kevlar, that is formed through the infusion of both carbon fiber and Kevlar (they are called advanced composites).

So how it works, it deforms under high impact energy and bends without shattering or breaking into pieces, thus with this material the shield will be much lighter than metal composites, much stiffer and tougher and give an ultimate protection; science advanced way more than before .

We always need our own space to think and reflect our dreams into reality, we are living in a world full of craziness, we all have emails, a long to do list so being invisible can create a space to think, reflect and confirm your direction. It doesn’t mean we are going to be introverts rather we are going to learn to master it, just like in “Doctor Strange Movie”, where they used the mirror dimension to learn and master new techniques before taking it out in the real world.

So what does science provide us for this, there are new elements added to the periodic table called “Meta Materials, they are based on atoms sorted and bonded in different forms where they won’t be created naturally in real life. These materials have a very different way of interacting with light, with different wavelengths and characteristics; they can bend into any medium and create that space.

For example, there are small balls that are visible in day light but when you add them to the water, they disappear as they have light absorbing and reflective index characteristics; it’s much the same as the water so they are almost invisible but once the medium is changed, meaning removed out of the water, you can see them again, so by creating a material that can manage light absorption, we can create our own invisible space to learn and master our direction.

While this can be done on a small scale but with more research and development soon, it can be a reality.

Finally, all super heroes have their super weapons, “THOR” has his hammer, the “Green Lantern” has his ring, yet Batman always have the ultimate weapon of all, Knowledge. One of the biggest problems that we have is that when everyone mention education, the first thing that comes to the mind is children, schools and universities. However, education is for life, we learn new things every day, with every day we ask new questions that gives direction to explore new options. Hence, without these questions, we won’t be able to expand our knowledge and capabilities, so we need to be asking questions all the time, how the world works, and why the world works, and making sure we know our reason for living and the answer is always knowledge.

Batman once said, “It isn’t who I am underneath, it is what I do that defines me”, so let us go out and do something super, because a hero is someone who takes in obstacles with inner strength, with his shield, knowledge and power to drive forward with his dream and passion. We can all create our own super heroes.