The #1 Secret to Success

The one point that everyone thinks about every now and then is the idea of being successful and following the right path leading to success. We all want to be successful, in education, work and even relationships, pretty much life .

What we realize while giving advice on how to be successful is really difficult, because in my opinion success is always a moving target, it depends on you and your experiences, as our definition of success will keep changing just like mine did. When I was younger, the only thing that made me feel successful was to pursue good nutrition and keep being healthy, and when I achieved some of my goals, I felt that I was far away from what success actually is, as if the target of success has moved. By then I felt that success for me now, would be to do what I love, and being able to support myself and my family and feeling that I am making a difference in the world and if I did those things, I will be feeling super successful.

But I see all of those people and coaches giving advice on how you can find your success and it is kind of nonsense, because no one will determine or even know what success is and how is it going to change but the person himself; however there is one thing, one secret, that I come to realize which can lead us to be successful, and that thing is don’t ever be lazy, that’s the most important habit that we need all to develop. It is just like a road that you don’t know where it will lead or where you will end up, but you get to start that journey, and we can’t be late or lazy in our actions, we can stay in our jobs, we can stay on our coaches, we can stay safe, but we won’t ever reach the destination. And while it is ok to not know where the journey will end and how it will be going along but we have to constantly keep educating ourselves, we need to constantly be asking questions, this is the only true way that will make us get up to our passion and will make us feel successful through training ourselves always using different methods and things. We need to seek knowledge, learning and experience the world every day in a new way which wasn’t before, this wouldn’t and won’t be easy, to get information we have to read books, go to college, keep reading, so if you don’t want to read, then try audio books, there are many alternative ways by which we can have access to knowledge. Aside from the normal ways, there is YouTube, there is small articles and shared stories, whereas there might be a lot of useless information despite we have to dig deep to get the hidden gems but with time it becomes easier. Back then couple of years ago, it was much harder for me to get education aside from books, but not it is as easy as getting access to content, news and articles from any smart phone.

We never know where our inspiration come from or it’s going to come from, 10 years ago the way we thought that success was is completely different nowadays, what matters the most is not to be lazy, to keep an open mind, to keep learning and educating ourselves, and always try. We never know where our success will be found, the only way we are going to find it is by trying, getting off and coming back up of every obstacle or big milestone.