The rule of making things happen

Life can be difficult and complex. It can be dynamic yet confusing. It can be a cluster of noise and emotions. Each day might disrupt your current train of thought and divert you from your path. But when you step back and look at the whole picture, you will see that life essence is plain as black and white.

No matter what road we take in life, there are always going to be things that you have to do while you don’t want to. Though the choice would be always yours, but in order to live the way you see fit for yourself, there has to be other things that you have to do in the process that you might hate or don’t want to do. Let it for example be dropping work for entrepreneurial work or starting an activity that demands a different life style, along with that comes a whole new perspective that pushes you to a whole other stuff that you have got to do in order to reach your goal or become who you are or want to be. Just like everything else in life, for me it is always a combination of two components that would turn you to get to do what you have to do, 50% love, 50% work. Like for instance, starting a family, and having a new born child, where you can have all those thoughts joy & worry of who he will become and the great things that he has to get and acquire and all of the sudden you are changing diapers and don’t sleep because they are annoying but you keep doing and bearing all things you don’t like out of love and working for your thoughts to become reality.

We all are surrounded with people who always push for a choice, whether we love it or hate it, whether it is good or bad, it always comes to the choice part. That’s when you need to step back for a moment and look at the big picture of your life not so much to what you are going to do rather to who you become which is far more important that what you do. What you do is a manifestation of who you are, from one of my favorite books “Mastery” by Robert Greene, there was a section where he discussed a woman who invented robots and she became the leader of the robot innovation in the world. This woman at first studied biology where she spent quite substantial time doing that and then she was forced to study computer science and mathematics, despite that she was doing something she hated the most but then over time she figured out how to combine knowledge of both sciences and become the leader in robotic hands. The moral is always how to take the time to focus on the big picture and don’t get consumed with the current situation as with time moving, we always step back and think about how it all forced us to become stronger or be better versions of ourselves. Every experience that we have and everything that we study all contribute to the bigger picture of who we are to become in future, every time you start something whether you love or hate, it will surely lead you to become a better person. What you hate to do is what shapes you & what you love to do is what defines you.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Success is something that we all want, and it is life that requires something in return. Since the laws of balance require equality, if you do something that you don’t want to do for the sake of progressing yourself, life will return something else to you that you do want. But if you only participate in activities that you want to do, then the universe will return the things you don’t want all the same to you. What you hate to do is what shapes you & what you love to do is what defines you.

We are all identified by the good deeds that we invest our time doing not the invaluable parts, we invest our heart and soul to believe in the good parts that we are passionate for and invest our mind to transform things that life throws to our lives and we are forced to do into something that can serve our passion and purpose in life. Only then life will reward you with what you wished for and sometimes more than you wished for. Don’t personally identity the parts whether it is favorable or not, both help to appreciate each other, as we get night to appreciate the day, it is the other side of the coin and it will always be there.