Why some love cars and others love motorcycles

Ahmad El Husseiny
5 min readMay 26, 2017

What is it about cars, what is the connection between a person and his car? Same goes for a motorcycle, for people who like to ride. The mere definition of a car for some people is just a piece of steel with four wheels that takes them from one place to another; while others breath cars and they spend so much time thinking what can be done with a car other than being a mean of transportation. I have met quite a few that spend their weekends just for a car thing. In my opinion I feel that they have this happy place once they are connected with their cars, there are so many that they center their hobbies to cars and spend most of their time in parking lots, talking about cars all night, discussing what modifications that improves performance and efficiency, like a better air filter, different exhaust tuning and engine tuning for the right octane needs.

To them, they are always comparing cars, challenging their cars, what makes it so desirable and so addictive?

From my perspective, cars bring freedom, it is the first sense of freedom that we really get, the first time we get a driving license and can have a ride alone. It is the first opportunity to get into the car and go anywhere, it can help you go to places that you haven’t been before, or see something you didn’t see before, cars are a form of self-expression. My car and my driving shows my identity and who I am, therefore any modification we add to our cars is an extension of our personality. Most of people that you get across in the car world are all different. They are different in age, in wealth and even in their social level or living standard. There are some in their 20s and some in their 40s, but at their core they are always young at heart and are so much into cars (AKA petrolhead).They have different types of cars, whether it is a drift or show car or muscle car. These variety in car manufacturing with different functions and purposes can allow people to express their desires differently and personalities. What they like, what they think looks good or drives well, every modification is an addition of the individual different desires. In every car event, we meet new people and can make new connection, that’s why I love attending such events and always keen to go for a drive and enjoy the open roads. There is this unifying bond in such community and this connection that car enthusiasts have with each other can bring together people who won’t possibly come across each other in somewhere else. It is the common ground which connect car enthusiast and also it is a great foundation for building relationships, some of my close friends came from this community.

Another thing that car can bring is to push you to focus on something that sometimes help you escape reality. It can bring ideas for your mind to build on and make you approach new limits that can be reached and broken. There is always that next thing to do with your car starting from just a maintenance to adding a sporty exhaust, and more other numerous changes and projects to try for your car. This would keep you thinking how this car makes you focused and always helping you be in this happy place.

What is the ultimate beauty in the car community world? The answer might be that there are many entries and categories that you can get into, it is a beauty and a curse, as some want to do it all, some focus on their cars look and others focus on the performance. This is mainly what always help bring people together and it all start with that first conversation, the first gathering or event. Just at that time when you have an open mind and you start talking with anyone, your mind will be flooded with cars, people and others views. Always the first conversation in a car event may be the beginning of an entire excited life filled with cars and passion, filled with connections and bonds which will last for a life time.

On the other hand, motorcycles are completely different than cars. In a car you have air bags, you get four wheels and a seat belt, so why does people like motorcycles? Simply because they are dangerous. Motorcycles are adventurous and they can bring serious injuries at any time, so why on earth would someone ride on a motorcycle! You could literally die riding and yet some people recover from motorcycle accidents then go for another motorcycle ride. There are so many things in life that are important to us, family, friends, hobbies and riding a motorcycle, such things makes us happy and feeling alive. And that’s where taking the risk to reach this happiness come from. Some people always passionate for riding whether cars or motorcycles, because they enjoy it and it makes them feel alive. Just like in the car community, the motorcycle community shares most of the interesting and addictive sides, whether from modifying or showing how it rides better.

With a motorcycle, you get a more sense of freedom, more fresh air and not to mention the adrenaline rush like you are riding a sport bike. It can go around traffic like standing still and go to a places where a car doesn’t go, riding a motorcycle always remind you of your childhood when you used to ride bicycles in the neighborhood or during the summer vacation. Now once you are older, you can go way faster and with much less effort but you get the same sensation of feeling alive and balanced.

So, some love cars and other love motorcycles but why they ride is because they enjoy it. Whether it is a car or a motor bike, they have the same principle, the sense of freedom, the thrill you get every time.

For me, my greatest passion is to ride in an open road where you can see where you are going and where you came from.