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Traversing The Vast Landscape Of Utopian Dreams And Apocalyptic Nightmares

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What if doctors can send out search parties in your body to track down cancer cells and wipe them out before they invade your body and turn malicious? What if a ruptured cell or an organ can be replaced with a microbiological machine that perfectly mimics its functions? What if we can reverse aging and turn old, sick people into young, healthy ones?

Well, the world is shrinking as new and adaptive technologies emerge into the limelight. This means, among other things, that robots will soon be roaming around in your bloodstream.

Welcome to the world of Nanotechnology!

What is Nanotechnology?

The former…

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Some of the richest men on the planet have been investing in commercial space explorations, but who will be the first to change history? Credit: ValueWalk

An increasing number of entrepreneurs are joining in the race to create cheap and commercialized space travel, in the new trend that’s being dubbed as “Newspace”.

Until the last decade, space explorations were being carried out exclusively by government organisations. The space race between the USA and the Soviet Union started the pursuit to satisfy our endless curiosity. They sent probes and manned missions to the moon and outer space when countries like India and China were just beginning to take baby steps towards the vast expanse that is space. The USSR was the first to send a manned crew…

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