By talking about what exactly could go terribly wrong

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If you’ve ever launched a redesigned website you know negative feedback is part of the process.

Even if your site was outdated, ugly, and hard to use, it had become comfortable for your users. Change is hard, and users who are unhappy or frustrated are far more likely to take the time to let you know.

It can be a hard time for any project team. It can also lead to reactionary changes that counter the strategic thinking and user-informed choices you made during the project.

At Harvard Library we recently launched a new site. It’s a big change. We…

Here at Harvard Library we’re currently working on a big website redesign project. Describing the project as a “redesign” doesn’t do it justice, actually. We’re not renovating. We’re building something completely new from the ground up.

My central role on the project is to audit, update and migrate more than 6,000 pages of digital content from across two different sites. It’s a beast. (I’ve been repeating the phrase “one day at a time” a lot lately.)

The gig does, however, have its perks. I love libraries. I love books. I love history. That’s one of the reasons why I came…

Abby Elizabeth Conway

Writer and content strategist at Harvard Library. Also: amateur baker, aspiring quilter, avid reader, professional taco eater. I love a good hairpin turn.

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