The Numbers Life — Which side are you on?

Are you always on the road? running from one place to another, one country to another, one hotel to another, one presentation or meeting to another, and one challenge to another. All you have in mind is the next number; Flight Number, gate number, seat number, sales numbers, defect numbers, resources number, numbers, numbers, numbers, …

It is very tiring, demotivating, and inhumane. This is the nature of it, and will always be like this at best, if not worse. Now, should keep whining or do something to save ourselves from that numbers game?

We can let ourselves get dragged into the numbers game and statistics, or we can deal with them as tools to help us achieve our potential and live a satisfactory life.

Best example is the movie “Up in the Air”. That guy, yeah “That guy” George Clooney, is all over the place. He is flying from one city to another, one gate to another, one meeting to another. He runs into a lady that makes him think, “Wait a minute, I have feelings”, then he realizes these were fake feelings as the lady was basically having a break while on the road, probably from the numbers game and from the stressful day-to-day life.

What is the right way?

Zone 1: Living humanly and ignoring the numbers, without a clue if you are achieving your potential or not?

Zone 2: Living the numbers game to achieve professional potential and lack humanity?

Zone 3: Try to strike the so-called balance like the lady in “Up in the Air” and living double life?

Don’t tell me you will strike the balance between professional numbers and human life. It doesn’t exist. If you are on any side (Humanity, or the numbers side) you think the balance exists and you are always beating yourself up to achieve it, you will be frustrated as you won’t achieve it. If you are in Zone 3, you are feeling guilty all the time and your mind is always racing between both zones.

Which side are you on?