It’s really important to have a README for any project. But why stick to the plain old markdown renders? You spent countless hours working on your project, typing up the documentation for people to view your work, so why not show-off your docs in style!

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FastDocs project logo
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Introducing, a passion project built to serve your README files with a beautiful UI and features like: adding plugins (search bar, copy-code, etc) for completely free!


A big shout out to existing tools like and that renders README markdown files into a full fledged website with a neat UI. …

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Who doesn’t love freelancing?
Earning some extra $$ on your own time without interfering with your current job? Sign me up!

However, it is not that simple as learning HTML. You need to have the proper skillset that clients are, more often than not, looking for.
Web development is an amazing area with a lot of clients looking for freelancers to work on projects and whatnot. So, if you are just starting out, I would recommend to familiarize yourself with the modern web dev technologies.

Here are some free resources if you want to stack up on your knowledge:-
1. : The best free online resource out their for learning web development (in my opinion).
2. : They have good free courses available that teach you the fundamentals/basics that are required. …


Anirudh Emmadi

Software Engineer | Tech Enthusiast | Computer Science Student @ UT Dallas

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