How to Market Your Startup in Less Than 54 Hour

No Talk, All Action. Launch a Startup in 54 hours.

This is the slogan at, it’s very exciting because you pitch your idea to everybody, you build a team and you have 54 hour to launch but the thing is building a startup in 54 hour is not so hard. Hard thing is doing marketing and gathering data for this startup.

When 54 hour is done usually startup owners pitch their startup like this “This is the research data from xx university, this startup will be so successful, because XX %50 and YY is %70 and bla bla…

The Jury expectation from you is real data. They want to hear “We did this and we got 1.000 visitor, 100 potential customer and 10 real customer, we already made $1000 in just 48 hour. If we can make 10 real customer and $1000 revenue in 48 hour, we can do better and we are looking for seed investment.” not bad, ha? Question is how you can do that?

1. Start With The Customer

Always start by figuring out the type of person you want to target, and where a bunch of them congregate. From that point we can figure out how to target them or get our message in front of them; first we have to know who they are and what they like. First know who is your customer, thier pain points, problems than start marketing.

2. $3 Hosting+ $0.99 Domain in under 10 minutes

You have 54 hour so you need to be as fast as you can. Best solution for this grab an hosting plan from Siteground for $3 and find $0.99 Godaddy domain coupon in Google.

Buying your hosting from Siteground is important because you can build a Wordpress website in just seconds.

3. Facebook and Adwords Ads Coupon Codes

Search on Google and you gonna find $50 facebook coupon codes for $5 and $100 adwords coupons for $5. It is amazing opportunity to get visitors quickly. Also you can easily get traffic and feedback from potential customers.

4. Always Ask For Help

Here is the thing: Go to, type your niche into search box and find most followed twitter influencer than set up Rapportive to your gmail and use Toofr to find his email address. Send him/her email about your startup and ask him/her to share your startup. Quick traffic with little time investment.

5. Use Press

If you have any prototype and website, you are ready to talk with press. Ask them to share your startup, press best way to attract investors also startup popularity.

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