How to Survive in Startup World?

Deep deep down their entrepreneurial spirit, what was their desire?

Were they crawling for success or money…. or fame? What was the whole point? Why they were working so hard to accomplish something? I kept asking myself…

2 years ago, when I was hanging around internet I discovered an article. Post was about “How you can meet with CEO’s or influencers in startup world” It was very interesting article because I learned how to approach C-Level people. That time I started sending mail to business owners, successful entrepreneurs and I got a chance to meet every one of them. It was a great experience.

One thing I love to do is analyzing people’s personality. I have a notebook for that. Usually when meet with new people, I ask interesting questions to understand them and then I write down everything on my notebook. So far I met with more 200 successful entrepreneur and here is the things you need to do if you want to tosurvive in startup world:

1- Mindfulness

Ok, I will talk about how you can grow your startup but first we need to focus on a very important thing and that is mindfulness. Because success starts in your inner world.

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world and corresponds with your dominant patterns of thinking.

In startup world there is lot of dreams, delusions, sleep disorders and other things. You need to be successful between all of them. Successful people, they know what’s happening around them, they know themselves and that is the important thing.

2- Partnership and Integration

People keep saying “launch strategy” and they are producing different solutions and %90 of them is not working. Best launch strategy is building partnership with other successful companies. This is the best and most effective way to gain customer and revenue in a very short time.

For example, Spotify built partnership with Facebook and in just couple week more than 1 million person signed-up to Spotify.

3- Connections and Human Power

One person decide where he will go and others follow him. I know that is not very nice sentence but this is how it works, am I wrong? One person founds an idea, he and his team builds a product, a service or a software than he finds people who wants to join this journey and all of them try to survive.

Human power is very important thing in startup business. You cannot do everything alone so you need experienced people. Successful entreprenurs usually prefer to find people who worked and failed or succeed at a startup, They don’t post job offer on Monster or Angellist. They try to find them on Linkedin or Twitter because if you can build a team from experienced people, they will be very helpful for your business.