Trump’s Messy First Commando Mission Comes Into Focus
War Is Boring

A summary of relevant facts:

  1. Donald Trump inaugurated on January 20th;
  2. Raid happened January 29th;
  3. Raid targeted a “notorious terror cell” that clearly has some operational sophistication;
  4. Raid involved some of our most elite military personnel;
  5. Raid “planned ‘well in advance”’ based on intelligence gathered during previous months;”
  6. Raid happened when it did because of “operational reasons,” possibly lunar-phase timing.

So…your contention that this is “Trump’s Messy First Commando Mission” implies that the US military threw together a raid targeting a particularly dangerous terror cell using our best commandos in just nine days despite acknowledging the raid took months to plan and likely only happened as late as it did because of environmental factors.

That doesn’t strike you as kind of, well, dumb?

There is so much legitimate ground for criticizing the dumpster fire currently raging in the Oval Office. Why publish transparent garbage like this?

It only hurts your credibility and gives the pro-Trump crowd more ammunition.

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