Andrew, you’re redefining the word “progressive” rather loosely.
Tom Christy

“Andrew, you’re redefining the word “progressive” rather loosely. A progressive fights to implement social reform while a libertarian is merely ambivalent about social issues.”

Hilariously ironic.

Actually, I’m using actual policy stances embraced by modern progressives and Libertarians while you are using rigid academic definitions that fit your preconceived narrative. Modern Libertarians are not ambivalent about social issues, they simply believe said issues should not be handled by an ineffective, inefficient federal government, as evidenced by the Johnson/Weld stance on civil liberties.

As for marijuana legalization, I never said it was “such a priority” for me. I pointed to it as one for four examples where modern progressives fall much more closely to Johnson than Clinton as well as a 5th where both Clinton and Johnson diverge from progressivism. Examples you could not rebut so you replied with unsupported, unpersuasive rhetoric.

Incidentally, perhaps you’ve missed the substantive progress made by States on abating the war on drugs, specifically with regard to marijuana? There are 25 States—that’s half—that have legalized medical marijuana, four States plus DC have legalized recreational marijuana and another five States are voting on measures to do the same. That is a lot of progress at the State level, which is why it’s a strong condemnation of Clinton’s progressive credentials that she has only now signaled sympathy for marijuana and only in a medical setting.

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