Thanks to Donald Trump Jr., I’m No Longer a Trump-Russia Skeptic
Nicholas Grossman

“But we do know this: senior members of the Trump campaign — and now Trump administration — illegally tried to collude with Russia.”


There is nothing illegal, per se, about receiving opposition research from a foreign national. The question is unresolved, presumably because nobody has ever been prosecuted by claiming “anything of value” includes information:

“Ambiguities in criminal statutes are supposed to be resolved against criminalization…That is especially so where the statute allegedly punishes the receipt of information.”

Nor is this evidence of the Russian collusion that was initially claimed i.e. Trump and/or members of his campaign working with the Russians to facilitate or exploit the hacking/misinformation campaigns.

If working towards oppo research is the sinister collusion DC and the MSM have been in a lather about since November, then the DNC and Clinton campaign are also in trouble. After all, they both cooperated with Ukrainian nationals to get and disseminate opposition research on the Trump campaign.

This is moving the goalposts, pure and simple.

What we know, without a doubt, is that members of the Trump campaign were willing to cooperate with Russia (or anyone else) to get dirt on Hillary Clinton. Of course, anyone living in reality has known that since before the first primary.

It’s fine to go from skeptic to believer based on the Trump Jr. story because it’s obviously a significant revelation and Donald Trump is a buffoon.

I just wish people would stick to facts rather than giving into the hysteria. I mean, by the end of this (if it ever ends), we’re going to have a definition of “hostile foreign government” that makes America a hostile government to virtually every country in the world i.e. using covert means to influence policy in a direction favorable to America.

Meanwhile, important issues are being ignored or bumped off the front page—North Korea, Syria, income inequality, healthcare, etc.