Yeah, I’m well aware that the U.S
Christopher Garden

Fair enough, though I’m not saying it’s morally acceptable that (presumably) Russia interfered with our election since we have done the same thing. I’m saying the doomsday hyperbole used by the Democrats and their suddenly simpatico GOPers like Lindsay Graham, John McCain and Dick Cheney is absurd.

If Russia hacking John Podesta’s emails is an act of war, then the US has been committing acts of undeclared war all over the globe and for decades. You think that’s a statement Pelosi, Schumer, Graham and McCain would endorse? Hell no b/c they’ve all been in DC for decades and understand that foreign powers are constantly hacking away at each other and working like crazy to ensure favorable outcomes from important international elections.

Additionally, I don’t think the veneer on the US oligarchy is as thick as you think. Look at the economic trends, the primary beneficiaries of the majority of US legislation, the personal wealth of those controlling the levers of power in DC, the homogeneity of the donor class, etc.

We both agree the US is certainly not as bad as Russia and probably never will be, but leadership needn’t be equally as corrupt as Putin’s crew to be catastrophic.

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