"Why is contact with Russians such a dastardly deed?”
Christopher Garden

“I am wary of the Russian government leaders because they have an established pattern of using an illegal and covert playbook to manipulate foreign powers for their national and private interests.”

As opposed to our government in the United States which has definitely never done such dastardly and disqualifying things.

That’s what so fucking stupid about all of this.

America can go tit for tat with Russia in terms of nefarious acts to further our political interests as well as the personal interests of our politicians (and not just the GOP unless you think it’s pure coincidence that Wesley Clark and Madelaine Albright were jockeying for lucrative contracts in Kosovo). Yet we’re supposed to believe it’s some sinister act when they do it?

The matter should be investigated and measures should be taken to prevent or limit the chances of a repeat, but unless someone can prove the election was tainted by fraudulent information or through vote tampering (which no serious observer has ever claimed), then all this amounts to is left-wing fear-mongering to distract from the fact that the Democrats ran a terrible candidate and an even worse campaign that got them humiliated and gave us President Donald Trump.

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