Well, as long as you’re happy now, right?
Nigel Tolley

I don’t care about what makes the country look good; I care about what actually makes the country good/stronger.

Hillary Clinton and her merry band of neoliberal opportunists have never and were never going to do that. They were going to be put a snazzy veneer on essentially the same self-dealing in which Donald Trump’s detestable bunch has engaged.

The difference is the majority of the mainstream media and politicians would’ve been along for the ride so we wouldn’t have seen an iota of the scrutiny we’ve seen under Trump.

So, yeah, the United States’ reputation—such as it was—would’ve remained intact and everything would’ve gone much smoother. Of course, the end result would’ve been further entrenching of the status quo as the country continued to slide toward oligarchy.

A fever breaking is ugly, but it’s preferable to the illness persisting.