So Politifact, the Washington Post and
Rebecca Gavin

I don’t imagine it will matter to you, but that article debunks Donald Trump’s claim that Hillary Clinton gave 20 percent of US uranium to Russia, which is, of course, a false statement. Other fact-checkers have debunked similarly false statements from right-wing lunatics.

The truth?

  1. Over a period of years, a State-controlled corporation in Russia purchased 20 percent of America’s capacity to produce uranium.
  2. The Obama Administration, which had the final say over the acquisition, did not stop it.
  3. There is no evidence to suggest Hillary Clinton, who had a say thanks to her role as Sec State, objected to the acquisition.
  4. A Russian bank with Kremlin ties and a financial interest in the acquisition paid Bill Clinton $500K for a speech shortly after the acquisition was finalized.
  5. A family foundation started by the chairman of Uranium One—a non-Russian interest in the acquisition—donated millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation during the acquisition and the CF failed to disclose those donations despite promising to do so.

You can look at all that and shrug your shoulders, but in so doing, you’re implicitly endorsing the conservative SCOTUS justices ruling in Citizens United and disagreeing with the liberal justices dissent, which was that money like this always has a corrupting influence regardless of whether there’s hard evidence of quid pro quo.

When Trump does this sort of thing, I’m guessing you’re appalled and rightly so. This sort of influence peddling is grotesque and the greatest threat to American democracy.

The obvious question is, then, why do you tolerate it from your own side?

Lastly, it’s amazing that, in four short years, Russia has gone from “sure, let’s sell them rights to our uranium” to “OMG, Russia is the enemy.” Either Russia has gone through a dramatic transformation in those four years, the Obama Administration’s judgment (including Hillary’s) was abhorrently flawed or this is all ginned-up nonsense to distract from the Democratic establishment’s massive failure in the 2016 election.