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“…instead of taking the responsibility upon themselves to convince voters that Hillary has the best policy platform to lead America…”

In their defense, this is, literally, impossible to do.

If either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump were forced to argue based on her or his own merits without referencing the other candidate, neither would have much to say. This whole election is about Donald Trump’s history of saying horrible things and Hillary Clinton’s history of doing horrible things.

Neither can make an affirmative case for being qualified to occupy the most powerful position in the country, possibly the world.

This is “vote for the lesser of two evils” boiled down to its absolute essence so, if people want to vote for Stein or Johnson, they should be commended for finally saying enough is enough.

[This being Medium, I anticipate a bunch of garbage about Clinton’s political experience. Save that bullshit—she undoubtedly has lots of experience and every single stop is pockmarked with tremendous failures in conduct and judgment. Dick Cheney has lots of experience, too, and 99 percent of the people voting for HRC would never vote for Cheney. Simply occupying a position is not qualifying experience.]

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