No, Liberal Resistance, You Do Not Need to Worry About Alienating Conservative “Allies”
Amanda Gailey

Irony surrounding political analysis/opinion is not in short supply these days, but even so, this is special stuff.

The left wing—which is neither particularly liberal nor progressive anymore—has had its head handed to it at every level of politics since the 2008 general election. It’s been hemorrhaging congressional seats, state legislative seats, governorships and just suffered arguably the most humiliating general-election defeat in the history of the country to the most unqualified candidate to ever run (semi-seriously) for the office.

Yet the author thinks there’s no reason to change tone or tactics while strongly implying the other side is full of blind ideologues and hopelessly stupid knuckledraggers.

Better yet, a bunch of commenters applaud the piece as brilliant.

Yes. Nothing says “brilliant” like doubling down on an approach that has delivered nothing but catastrophe.

That’s why the old saying is: “The definition of brilliance is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.”

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