Personifying Trump voters, giving them faces and context, is important to solve the Trump problem.
Willi Kampmann

  1. Obamacare, at least the basics of it, actually WAS created by Republicans. Namely, John Chafee, Bob Dole, Orrin Hatch, Charles Grassley, etc.
  2. If you’ve lost trust in the establishment, then Donald Trump is an infinitely better option than Hillary Clinton, who is endorsed by every establishment politician on the left and many on the right in addition to enjoying coverage that borders on outright propaganda from CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, etc.
  3. You are right about opposition to gay marriage, but it’s always interesting how liberal/progressive minds—who can find environmental factors to excuse almost all manner of violent, criminal behavior—react to bigotry, which is often a product of environmental factors, with “fuck ‘em” or, y’know, “they’re deplorable and irredeemable.”
  4. The Bush II tax cuts actually provided significant relief to the lower classes as well as the rich. Either way, they were both (mostly) extended by the Obama Administration.
  5. You’re missing the point on education for the disadvantaged groups. A recent Stanford study shows that charter management organizations provide “stronger academic gains for students of color and student in poverty than those students would have realized either in traditional public schools.” Hillary Clinton favors reducing the role of charter schools whereas Donald Trump favors expanding them.
  6. The talking points Democrats use to win elections align much more closely with the under-privileged, but there’s a reason that income inequality has spiraled consistently regardless of who holds what branch of government—neither party is genuinely interested in serving anyone but the special interests that flood DC with money. Even if you say this is all the GOP’s doing, then that means the Democratic party, as currently constituted, is impotent to doing anything about the under-privileged’s plight so how would voting for the candidate whose family has, almost literally, defined the modern Democratic party make any sense?
  7. Trump is elitist, no doubt about that. But saying he is even further removed from the hoi polloi than Hillary Clinton—whose family just acquired a third, million-dollar home, this one right next door to the one they already own, in order to build a compound of privacy in an already exclusive suburb—is laughable.

Donald Trump is a deeply, deeply flawed candidate, but it’s silly to argue supporting him is stupid, especially if you’re not part of the American elite.

Put simply—Hillary Clinton guarantees the status quo endures. Donald Trump offers a chance, even if it’s slim, through his sheer unpredictability and the disdain held for him by the political and media establishment, which promises a much higher degree of scrutiny and accountability if elected as compared to Clinton.

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