I have to respond to this.
Watani Redo

Self-important as in constantly referencing himself/his past writing. Self-important as in shit like this. And this. Self-important as in believing his influence was due to some exceptional ability rather than being pushed hard by ESPN (note how it’s dwindled to effectively zip w/out ESPN’s gargantuan platform). And on and on.

“You mean the guy who got suspended for criticizing Roger Goodell? The same guy who wasn’t afraid to criticize Goodell a second time which led to Bill basically getting fired?”

A. I said “many,” not all. Bill goes after soft targets like Goodell and grinds his personal axe with people like Doc Rivers. But he openly admitted to backing away from fair, but difficult angles. And the fawning over his favies is damn unseemly.

B. You can’t really believe ESPN fired him for going after Goodell, right? He got fired b/c he is a narcissist who believed he was too special to follow rules and he wasn’t plus his value had declined while his cost had increased. He wasn’t some crusader for the truth; he just couldn’t control his personal beefs and didn’t think he had to, as evidenced by the people against whom he did and didn’t lash out.

“No sports guy would rip a big time personality to his face on a podcast and Simmons is one of the few who would at least do it in an article.”

That’s not a good thing. It just means you can add two-faced to the list (though, in fairness, I haven’t actually seen him do this, but as you might’ve guessed, I don’t follow much of anything he says/does these days).

“If anything that right there is a testament to how much success hasn’t changed him or gone to his head. I don’t see how you can complain about a guy having a certain writing style and than sticking with it.”

I’m saying the lack of evolution is pretty compelling evidence he’s not the best out there and never has been. He has a superficial schtick. If that’s your thing, cool. I mean, we all have our guilty pleasures, myself included. But I don’t argue (for example) “It’s Always Sunny” is the best sitcom out there just b/c *I* really enjoy it.