Yeah, OK, fine, I hope they can cope with 4 (8?)

That’s cool, man.

After you’re done condescendingly dismissing the younger voters’ concerns and fear-mongering about the market (which always recovers, as anyone vaguely familiar with it knows), try convincing them to vote for a candidate whose policies they despise because it serves your best interests.

Let me know how that goes for you.

Me? I’m about to turn 38 so I understand why an entire bloc of voters isn’t going to be scared into voting for the status quo by the mostly hollow fear-mongering about a Trump presidency:

A. The status quo isn’t working for tens of millions of Americans and Hillary Clinton might as well have “I ❤️ the status quo” tattooed across her forehead. This bothers a lot of young people;

B. Younger voters grew up in the Information Age and are smarter/more well-informed about the realities of how our government works (read: checks and balances) than you “old farts” admit.

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