If it costs millions to bring a new drug to market thanks to the FDA approval process how much…
Adam Wieneiski

The truly free market, at least in America, is a fantasy perpetuated by corporate executives making tens of millions of dollars a year, politicians who are bought and paid for by lobbyists and media types for whom the status quo works just fine, thank you.

In a free market, the big banks and auto manufacturers would’ve gone under. Instead, they got bailed out by the government. In a free market, there would be no tax incentives and government subsidies. Instead, these are carved out by the aforementioned lobbyist-to-politician pipeline on a regular basis. In a free market, net neutrality wouldn’t even be an issue. Instead, we have telecommunications companies trying to create a enormous barrier to competition.

Not all of the above is 100 percent bad, but it does eviscerate the idea of a truly free market.

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