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This reads as if the alternative to Donald Trump is some force for unequivocal good.

You can only believe that if you are naive enough to judge Hillary Clinton by her political speeches and promises during elections years instead of by her 25+ years of Washington, making maintenance of the status quo and the monied class best served by it her priority.

Her history of advocacy for women is obviously better than Trump’s, but only because Trump’s is, literally, null. And what of Clinton’s other massive failures, both in action and judgment? What of her symbiosis with the donor class, which is 95 percent white and 80 percent white male?

In reality, this year’s election is a choice between two sides of the same coin—one side says (mostly) the right things (in public, at least), but cannot be trusted to act accordingly if you spend any time objectively investigating the matter while the other side offers no such solace. Regardless, the only group that can rest easy is the predominately white, predominately male donor class.

I can understand why you would choose Clinton over Trump. After all, better for your interests is better for your interests even if incrementally so, but fracturing a relationship with a parent over it seems almost laughably divorced from reality.

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