And So It Begins…Revitalizing The Hillary Clinton Attacks
Johnny V. Boykins

What Happened: Hillary Rodham Clinton

The cover of the book sums it up so perfectly.

Hillary Rodham Clinton knew (or should have known) she would be subjected to a level of intense scrutiny, especially from the right, that often crossed the line from fair to unfair yet:

  1. Hillary Rodham Clinton set up a private email server over which her team retained exclusive control in a blatant attempt to frustrate political transparency.
  2. Hillary Rodham Clinton compounded the initial email error by handling the situation sloppily (e.g. opting to use the private email for everything instead of sending innocuous, official emails from her official email account), trying to cover her tracks (e.g. scrubbing the server) and lying about the situation (e.g. claiming other Sec States had done the same thing when none had done so and only one had done anything remotely similar).
  3. Hillary Rodham Clinton further compounded the error of frustrating political transparency by refusing to hold an open press conference for over 250 days while running for POTUS.
  4. Hillary Rodham Clinton collected millions of dollars from noxious special interests (e.g. Wall Street, for-profit prisons) in gross disproportion to the service provided while knowing damn well she was gonna run for POTUS again.
  5. Hillary Rodham Clinton opted to fill her campaign with lobbyists and special-interest bundlers, creating nightmarish optics in the midst of a pseudo-populist uprising that started in 2008 i.e. the first time she lost a presidential race she was supposed to win.
  6. Hillary Rodham Clinton hired the disgraced head of the DNC the very same day the latter, a former HRC ’08 campaign co-chair, was forced to resign after hacked emails show the DNC talking secretly of favoring HRC in violation of its charter. This after a primary season filled with controversy over accusations and evidence (e.g. number of sanctioned debates, rule against participating in non-sanctioned debates, rollback of ban on donations from fed lobbyists) of the DNC favoring HRC.
  7. Hillary Rodham Clinton opted for a campaign strategy of trying to flip traditionally red states blue despite all of this and persisted with it while ignoring historically weak approval ratings, unexpectedly close polls and ground-level intel that indicated trouble in historically blue states.
  8. Hillary Rodham Clinton operated for years as if normal rules didn’t apply to her and continued to do so right up until Election Day when she should’ve known, fair or not, they applied doubly.

So despite external forces certainly playing a major role…

What Happened: Hillary Rodham Clinton.


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