If This Tweet Bothers You, It’s Because You’re A Piece Of Shit
Caitlin Johnstone

While I firmly agree with the main sentiment, I think it’s a good idea to tone down the venom aimed at those who disagree. This has shades of Hillary Clinton’s “deplorable and irredeemable” moment because, while many people who are still mindlessly banging the drum on Russia certainly are as toxic as we imagine (and thus deserving of such venom), many others are decent people who are being led astray by misplaced trust in leaders and others of influence. It would be ideal if they could see through the self-serving agendas, but the reality is that hundreds of millions of people don’t have that luxury. They have an hour or two (if that) to devote to keeping abreast of the political situation.

That said:

“You don’t get to push my species into extinction just because Rachel Maddow told you a scary bedtime story.”

Terrific line.

Maddow has effectively become the left’s version of Rush Limbaugh: A repellant gargoyle pushing a partisan agenda for personal gain.

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