“What does 2008 have to do with anything?”

You don’t have a shred of intellectual honesty.

You can parse and go through all the semantic contortions you like, but they don’t change reality. The reality, of course, is that the DNC obviously tried to limit the exposure of the candidates by reducing the opportunities for them to engage in direct debate. It’s not even a question unless you’re a Clinton apologist given (a) the number of actual debates held; (b) the creation of the exclusivity rule; and (c) Hillary’s cute little trick of requesting an extra debate when trailing in NH, then refusing to honor her side of the agreement when leading in CA (which clearly indicated Team Clinton viewed debates as liabilities and something to avoid unless she had nothing to lose).

“Also, Hillary DID apologize for the assassination remark.”

Yes. She apologized to the Kennedy family. To my knowledge, she and her supporters have never apologized for their treatment of Obama, which is what I said.

“Hillary DIDN’T start the birther bullshit.

No, she did not. Of course, I never said she did. Her supporters raised the profile of the insanity by circulating the rumor as your own link confirms, which is what I said.

“And you can’t say ‘she needs to take responsibility for what her supporters did’ when Bernie supporters never took responsibility for what THEY did…”


You are the one hypocritically whining about Sanders/his supporters never apologizing despite the fact that Clinton/her supporters did far worse in 2008 and never apologized. All I did was illustrate your hypocrisy.

Frankly, I don’t care one way or the other since the apologies would be insincere political theater, anyway. Fact remains, you’re holding Sanders to a higher standard than you hold Clinton, which is a reliable and obvious sign of bias.

As for your attempt to redefine a word to save your argument, nah. “Rig” has several meanings, one of which is to “manipulate or control usually by deceptive or dishonest means.” The DNC obviously tried to manipulate the primary through deceptive means.

Alas, recitation of facts will only work against someone who’s interested in seeing beyond their partisan delusions and that ain’t you. So I’ll leave you to your echo chamber. Cheers.

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