Donald Trump’s campaign of prejudice and paranoia is unlike anything we’ve seen — and it’s…
Hillary Clinton

You’re running for POTUS and refuse to take unprepared questions from the press.

You maintained exclusive control over your official correspondence in order to defeat political transparency and control what the public was able to see. And the recent revelations of emails you did NOT hand over show why—you were selling access to the State Department, if not running a pay-for-play racket.

You continue to obscure your connections to Wall Street by refusing to divulge the transcripts of your lucrative speaking engagements.

You’ve lied to the American public throughout your political career ( ).

You helped sell military hardware to the Saudis, who are currently engaged in a haphazard bombing campaign in Yemen that’s claiming thousands of innocent lives.

You are unabashedly in favor of foreign nation building at a global expense and to the benefit of your donors in the industrial military complex and its Wall Street investors.

You have acted firmly in favor of unbalanced free trade policy while pretending to be against such agreements while campaigning. This time it’s TPP. Last time it was Colombia, Panama and South Korea, which you then worked to pass as Sec State ( ).

You helped pass and defended the Clinton crime bill and welfare reform, both of which had devastating effects on the lower classes and disproportionately so on the black and hispanic communities.

Trump’s rhetoric is awful; your actions are worse.

I am a progressive-leaning Independent and I will never, under any circumstances, vote for you.

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