Let’s do this! Learn to code, write an app, change the world! So many resources on the web assume some prior knowledge, they provide snippets of code that aren’t very complete. My approach is a little different, while I’m going to focus on web programming in JavaScript, the difference is I’m going to assume you want to create something useful, maybe even beautiful.

I’m going to start by building a simple application that uses real data. While I will not assume you know anything, I do recommend that you at least go to and complete their JavaScript Tutorial. The app will initially use plain ole’ JavaScript, no frameworks or tricks! In fact there are only going to be three files that we’ll edit!

Getting started:

  1. Download a code editor, I recommend VS Code.
  2. Create a folder for your project, call it “theapp”
  3. Create another folder inside the one you just created, call it “vanilla”
  4. Create a file and name it “index.html”
  5. Create a file and name it “index.js”
  6. Create a file and name it “index.css”

You should have a folder file structure that looks like this:

Congrats! You finished the first step in the tutorial. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but you’ve just setup your dev environment. The next post will talk about how to get some data!

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