Post 4: Ethical Dilemma Reasoning

Option 2: Katy cringes every time she hears her friends use words like “retarded” or “gay” in a derogatory manner. Should she object when it happens, or should she let it pass so people won’t think she’s weird?

I believe that Katy should say something when they use these terms in a derogatory manner. You never know who it might offend especially if you are not saying these words in a respectful way. If her friends truly think she is weird for standing up for something such as this than they are not her friends. She should explain to them why she feels this way and help them to relize how disrespectful it is to use these terms in a derogatory manner. If she does not say something in fear or people thinking she is weird it will only get worse. I am a true believer of standing up for what you believe in and I do not think her friends should be holding her back.

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