Surface Book 2: Release Date, Price, Specs, & Features?

The Surface Book was released back over a year ago. With people expecting the Surface Book 2 back in October of 2016, what really happened was the Surface Book with Performance Base. That’s a cool upgrade, but really not anything to jump up and down over.

Microsoft also didn’t release the expected Surface Pro 5. The Surface Studio, however, was a very cool addition to the Surface lineup. The main reason suspected for the Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro 5 not being released is that Microsoft was too busy working on the Surface Studio to release much else.

The Surface Book was a spectacular release, and the device itself was almost perfect. However, it being a first generation, there is always room for improvement.

Because of the upcoming Windows 10 Creator’s Update release, the new Surface Book 2 may be released at the same, as expected for the Surface Pro 5 also.

New Features

  • 4K Display: It is expected that the new Surface Book 2 will be available with a 4K display. The same is suspected for the Surface Pro 5. This feature would really improve the Surface lineup for designers. The Surface Pro 5 will likely not have a 4K display on the base model, but since the Surface Book is a higher-end device, it is possible all Surface Book 2 models will come with a 4K display.
  • HoloLens Support: This is probable for both the Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro 5.
  • Surface Dial: The Surface Dial was released with the Surface Studio back in October and was a big hit with designers. The Surface Book 2 will likely have support for it.
  • Kaby Lake Processor: It is expected the new Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro 5 will come with the new Kaby Lake processor line. Currently, both devices use Skylake, but Kaby Lake could give them a performance boost, allowing Surface Book 2 devices to be more set up for hard-core work.
  • Rechargeable Pen: The Surface Book 2 will probably come with the same new rechargeable pen suspected for the Surface Pro 5. A magnet will allow the pen to sit on the side of the devices and the pen will probably be charged by the device whilst attached, much easier and more convenient than a battery.
  • USB-C: The Surface lineup may be improved by replacing the USB 3.0 ports with USB-C ports.
  • Improved Battery Life: The original Surface Book had some serious battery issues and even at new, the battery would barely last an entire day and would not last an entire day of hard work. The Surface Book 2 will likely contain a new battery, lasting longer.
  • Discrete GPU: The Surface Book already has an expensive option for a discrete GPU option. Although the base models would likely not have a discrete GPU, higher-end models are likely to contain something better than what it currently has, allowing it to work better with designers, gamers, and other users who require graphically-intensive software, games, etc.
  • VR-Ready: It is possible for higher-end Surface Book 2 models to actually be VR-Ready, allowing the possibilities to be almost endless.


The new Surface Book 2 likely will be similar to the current lineup, but higher-end devices may contain a better GPU and a 32GB RAM version is possible.


Sorry. The Surface Book 2 prices will likely still be quite high, and depending on the features, higher-end devices could become more expensive than currently. Base models will likely start at $1,299 as the current base model.

Release Date

This will probably be released along with the Surface Pro 5 and the Creator’s Update. This is likely to occur on April 11.