Dev. Update #6: Edgeless Dice RNG
Tomas Draksas

Dear Tomas

When I read you had been hacked I felt very sorry for you guys. I want to say that loud and clear that you did nothing to deserve that hack and there was no incompetence on your part, and storing your ICO funds in a multisig wallet was a genuinely correct thing to do and it was very unlucky to have been the victim of such a horrendous hack!

Now, when it comes to your understanding of the way our technology works, I would like to point out that you may have misunderstood our technology which perhaps means you havn’t read our white papers and our numerous reddit posts where we have explained how the RNG works reasonably well.

To summarise, not only is FunFair’s RNG instantaneous (less than a second! most likely thousands generated in less than a second!) but it is provably fair the maximum extent possible. The RNG seed is generated, much like your previous one, from a combination of the client’s entropy from their browser, and entropy from the Fate Channel server. The two entropies are combined into a seed and committed to the blockchain in advance of any game played, which is later revealed after the game session is complete, thus it is provably fair to the extreme. This is known in cryptographic circles as a Commit/Reveal scheme, and is a well known method of proving something happened before something else. This cannot be cheated by anyone. Not the player, not the casino, not the server since its been committed and is unchangeable on the blockchain in advance of any game played.

But there’s more! We generate an entire sequence of RNG’s, as each game in the session requires.. and the entire sequence is provably fair IN PROVABLE ORDER… i.e., there’s no opportunity for the server to select an out of order RNG to favour the house that could be one way that a server based system could cheat the player.

Since our Fate Channel technology is based on State Channel tech, it requires only one transaction at the start of the game session, that requires the player to pay for gas. Every game played on the game session is zero gas — regardless of how many games the player plays, and even the closing channel transaction at the end of the session, is zero gas paid by the player. Thus our Fate Channel tech is the lowest gas consumption of any casino game technology. If the player played 1,000 games inside their session… even if it took hours to play — it would still only cost the same as one single transaction on-chain!! It doesnt get any lower cost to the player than this tech. Its truly the most optimum way of doing gaming on the blockchain.

FunFair’s Fate Channels are Provably Fair. Extremely Fast. And the lowest cost to the player of any blockchain game.

To correct your other misconceptions… there is no deposit required at all! This is not like every bitcoin casino that requires a custodial deposit and subsequent withdrawal request. FunFair’s Fate Channels hold the funds in a realtime escrow inside the game contract only during realtime play. Player funds are released back to the player at the end of the game and are not held in the custody of the casino at any time. The player’s funds are owned by the player at all times. This is similar to Lightning Network in bitcoin, and Raiden in Ethereum. Its a State Channel. If you dont know what they are (and im under the impression from reading your blog that you might not know) suggest you read up on them. The main difference between FunFair’s state channels and the others is that our Fate Channels are more fleeting, and the funds aren’t held in escrow for very long — simply for the duration of the game.

In the V2 Fate Channels that are in our present showcase — — the server is hosted by us, purely as a temporary measure during active development. The V4 version of the Fate Channels that we’re working on— as clearly described in our white paper - are peer to peer and fully decentralised. We are NOT developing a centralised casino tech. FunFair’s tech is designed to be entirely serverless and will not be released onto the market in any other form. If we had wanted to release the present version — which works perfectly well — we would have done so already as the FunFair games and tech are arguably very competitive with everything yet created on any blockchain.

Feel free to update the accuracy of your blog, as it is currently misrepresents FunFair’s tech and presumably you were just mistaken and not deliberately trying to mislead and misinform.

Wish you all the best.

— Jez & the FunFair team. London.