Reflections on Meeting with Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary Hillary Clinton, and the…
DeRay Mckesson

Try this: Get jobs even minimum wage jobs as a stepping stone to better jobs. Stop using the “F” bomb in public, it’s waaaay to pervasive. Stop using the “N” word in public and in rap music. Admonish those who wear droopy pants it gives blacks a bad stigma. Get at least a HS education. Learn manners and respect for cops and your elders. Get married and stay together…kids need 2 parents…particularly a father figure. Stop voting Democrat for decades because it’s gotten you nowhere. That’s a fact. If you break the law expect the cops to bust you. I agree no one should be mugged by cops, those cops should be sued and removed from the force. And there is already racial equality, this is America. Opportunities for everyone. And stop talking violence when you don’t get what you want because the world marginalizes you.