Careers in Aviation — Join Great Geomatics Training Ottawa!

If you or your family is trying to figure out what to opt as a “profession or career” when you grow up, one interesting option to consider is a job in the aviation and aerospace stream. This field is for those people who are bold by nature and strong at the hearts. If you love excitement, Aviation field may be a career you will enjoy the most. When it comes to the positions, you will have various options too. Let’s take a glimpse of them:

  • Airline Pilot: This is the most leading and demanding field in aerospace. For this area, proper and professional geomatic training must be done. If you are looking for geomatic training Ottawa then you will also have a few choices of the institution, which provides professional training in an airline pilot. Some airline pilots work for private aerospace companies, while others have the opportunity to work for government airline companies.
  • Airline Stewardess or Steward: This position allows you to visit many places around the world and get you the opportunity to meet many people too. There are also jobs available for airline mechanics, who Airline Mechanics: the airline mechanics deal with to ensure that the airline is safe for flight. Airline inspectors also are an important field in the aviation industry too.
  • Traffic Controllers: Aviation and Aerospace industry offers great career opportunities in the industry. Another important area is traffic controllers who have the responsibility for communication with pilots and ensure that landings and takeoffs happen as smoothly as possible. Other than that, other great careers opportunities are flight engineers, avionics technologists, avionics technicians, and even astronauts.

Education Requirements:

There are different levels of education needed in this stream, depending on which position you happen to select. Therefore, many airway companies do not require regular airline attendants to have a college education. There is some specialization that they must take, including classes in aviation regulations, First Aid classes, and CRP, and other certifications depending on their employer such as geomatic training Ottawa.

Airline Pilots, usually need a significant amount of specialization in term of education than do airline attendants. So you have to be a high school graduate to join professional pilot training to be a pilot, most airline companies prefer those who have done two to four years of college as well. A pilots’ license is also acquired as well, which involved with many hours of flying, both your instructor and on your own, and passing a physical test as well.

When it comes to being an Astronaut, you require fulfilling your educational requirements as well. They are needed to have different bachelor degrees in fields that include engineering, physical science, mathematics, and biological science. A vision test is also necessary before you can become an astronaut. After become astronauts than you have to finish an entire year of training before you can actively take on this big responsibility on your shoulder.