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I hate to write something like the following on a beautiful Sunday morning but I’m going to anyway. I think by now most of us have seen, or should see, the New York Times videos of people at the post-Trump rallies. The videos weren’t shown much, maybe just the day they were released. But for me, they confirmed the stereotype I had of many Trump supporters. As a 63 y/o white guy and a product of Southern California suburbs I was still shocked that so many people still act like it’s 1953 Alabama. During the speech inside the building, Trump would say something about Hillary Clinton’s e-mail. Almost as if they were prompted the crowd started yelling,”lock her up!”. But to me, what they were really yelling was ,“string him up!”. When the crowd was yelling ,”build the wall!” , to me what they were yelling was ,”segregation, segregation!” Trump to me has become, or always has been, a safe “socially acceptably” way for racists to let go and yell what they’ve wanted to yell ever since they accepted whatever septic thinking they learned from their fathers, preachers, teachers, or jailmates.

All I can hope is that, over time, more and more of them will die off. Fortunately they are if statistics have any validity. But in the meantime they will have Trump to gin to gin them up to do what they’ve always wanted to do. More power to ya’, RIP.

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