Aeron — 2018 in Review and Goals for 2019

The Lunar Year of the Dog has finally come to an end, and we most probably know what you are thinking. Indeed, the past twelve months mucked many things up for the blockchain industry. We saw bears gain a foothold in the crypto market, founders commit to hard choices, deals queered, and projects mangled. Where have we been standing all the time? The Aeron team was doing consistent work despite humps and setbacks of the unfavourable environment, and this works out.

From Whitepaper to Engineering

It didn’t take us long to move forward to the development once the project was announced back in year 2017. This year saw the launch of Aeron applications in Apple App Store and Google Play, blockchain integration, acceptance of ARN token as a payment method, launch of Aerotrips Pilot Shop powered by Aeron, multiple application enhancements and the new releases.

We transferred the Aeron’s database containing user profiles and flight log records to a decentralized and encrypted repository. Aviation Authority portal development was started, to help balance data privacy and accessibility of flight log records, followed by rollout of the Aeron API that improved how all of our stakeholders now interact with Aeron through automation. Data Hub development and Aeron Salesforce integration are the latest milestones, with their announcements to bring exciting news to the community in the near future.

Aeron launch: Accomplished

We believe the fact that Aeron has earned a wide recognition on the altcoin/cryptocurrency market proves our concept right. Today, some of the leading exchanges, such as Binance, Bithumb, Bit-Z and HitBTC, are trading ARN, the Aeron utility token. In total, Aeron (ARN) ERC20 token is traded at over 20 exchanges with truly global coverage. Complete list can be seen at

An amazing opportunity was announced recently when the Aeron (ARN) token became available on the EOS blockchain, with free cross-blockchain token swap. The token was originally launched on the Ethereum ERC20 platform, and after it successfully landed on the most popular exchanges, it was decided to expand further to EOS ecosystem. It is expected that distinctive features of EOS blockchain (free transactions, scalability and low latency) would enable a significant boost to Aeron business model once fully deployed. Integration of EOS token will be performed gradually in year 2019. In the meantime ARN EOS token is available for instant adoption by Aeron supporters to get a feeling of the EOS ecosystem and its unique advantages.

Presently, Aeron token holders can easily swap ARN ERC20 for ARN EOS and vice versa.

Aeron Team Goes Offline

Even the most promising digital product requires a live pitch, and even the most experienced team needs to keep rubbing shoulders with the target community. This year took Aeron to several trade fairs, including the Aviation Festival Asia in Singapore, the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva and many other aviation industry events across the globe.

Being around helped the team to narrow down on several great opportunities. This is not to speak of winning over some industry leaders and learning more about the challenges the aviation industry currently faces. Aeron joined the leading industry alliances: National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and European Business Aviation Association (EBAA).

Extending the Core Product

While talking with the industry, our comprehension of the current situation was evolving into a bigger picture in development. This suggested extensions to the Aeron core product, with focus expanding from the limited coverage of aviation schools, licensed pilots and aviation enthusiasts to anyone who takes a flight on a regular commercial airline.

We presented the concept of CryptoBonusMiles, in the second part of the year. The idea behind the new platform is about enriching airline frequent flyer reward systems through tokenization. Soon after the roadmap was revealed, we ran a massive airdrop of the CryptoBonusMiles (CBM) token with the support from Binance. This ensured bootstrapping opportunities for the new platform and bought it a lot of public attention. CryptoBonusMiles public beta launch is being announced.

Aeron Membership program takes the new shape and becomes CryptoBonusMiles!

Development Continues into Year 2019

In the current year 2019, we aim to continue introducing new features into the Aeron platform. The key innovations to be deployed will be split into three separate modules:

Pilot module

will allow pilots to thoroughly analyse particular situations by handling their flight log records.

Aircraft owner module

will allow owners and operators of an aircraft to view and manage aircraft profiles, access past flight log records, and authorize particular pilots to fly based on their licenses and medical certificates.

Aviation Authority module

will offer relevant national authorities access to pilot profiles and aircraft log records. The system will send notification in case a pilot’s license or medical certificate are about to expire.

Further Growth of Aeron Ecosystem

We aim to introduce the “Aerotrips Global Flight Club” as a new extension of the Aeron ecosystem. This would create a framework to support a worldwide network of flight schools to allow for the most efficient exchange of students, knowledge, and skills. Beginner pilots will have a chance to visit the new locations to quickly learn how to act in particular weather conditions, climates, and landscapes. Our team will curate the offers to ensure compliance with the set quality standards.

These are just some of the plans we have for year 2019. More is yet to be announced — irons in the fire. Follow our official Twitter channel if you haven’t yet and stay informed!

We want to thank the Aeron worldwide community for your huge support in the past year. It helped us a lot to meet our goals despite the dramatic events in the crypto market and blockchain industry. We wish you all a happy and prosperous new Lunar Year of the Pig!